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Exclusive: view the trailer of 99 Amaranto, the documentary about Cristiano Lucarelli and Livorno.

99 Amaranto - The movie


Twenty years later. Cristiano Lucarelli was one of those Shangai children. And now he is a well-paid “serie A” football player. He chooses to refuse a millionaire contract with a big team to finally come back and play for Livorno, in that football ground located just a few miles away from his old neighbourhood. [read more]

99 Amaranto - A documentary about Cristiano Lucarelli


A production by L'Occhio e La Luna. "99 Amaranto" is a documentary film based on the book "Tenetevi il miliardo", written by Carlo Pallavicino. [read more]


"The History of Football is like a sad journey from pleasure to duty. The more the sport became an industry, the more it lost its beauty: playing simply to play the game. Luckily, and rarely, there is some dirty-faced , cheeky boy, who strikes a discordant note, playing for the pleasure of kicking the ball into the net, and runs and rushes into the forbidden adventure of freedom."

una produzione L'Occhio e La Luna

99 Amaranto - The Director


Author's philmography


Federico Micali (Firenze 1971) comes from different experiences in the cinematographic and theatrical areas.


In July 2001began to work together with Teresa Paoli and Stefano Lorenzi, having partecipated in (as a lawyer too) and documented the events of the G8 summit in Geona. This led to the first short film Genova in tre atti, and the film Genova Senza Risposte, which was filmed in digital and then transferred to 35mm for the cinematographic circuit (Genova without answers 35mm, 75', 2002 presented at Venice-off Festival 2002).


The artistic connection was strengthened through a series of projects which led to experimentation in different genres and different approaches. Together they filmed, and the film dealing with the days of the European Social Forum in Florence, Firenze Città aperta, produced by Stefano Stefani for L'Atelier and distributed in 60.000 copies with the newspapers L'Unità, Manifesto and the weekly Carta (vhs, dv, 50'). In January 2003, they documented an expedition into the territories of the Saharawi refugees, in the Algerian desert in cooperation with Tuscan Region (Saharawi, dv 35 - 2004’). In March 2003, again with Atelier, they made Nunca Mais, a film about the ecological disaster caused by the sinking of the Prestige off the coasts of Galicia (dv, 30', march 2003), which was presented in Contemporary Art Museum in Bolzano.


They have then realized Note dal Basso (Brass band, dv, 50', May 2003), which is a musical film about the brass bands which came together in Florence in November 2002- presented at Festival dei Popoli 2003 edition- and two short film: Lungarno based about the themes related to the idea of historical memory (dv, 11', 2003). And La nostra terra filmed in the Palestinian Refugee Camp of Deheishe (Our land, dv 10’, 2003).


Still in 2004 a new collaboration with the band Modena City Ramblers: the dvv Clan Banlieue (dvd -200’ produced by Universal Music Italia), and a theatrical adaptation of Nunca Mais, Musics for a shipwreck, which mix itself to a live performance lead by the musicians Paolo Archetti Maestri e YoYo Mundi.


In the last two years he directed many video from theater performances (among those Bobo25 distribuited with the newspaper L’Unità, and Guantanamo, Honor bound to defend the freedom), the short film “tresecondi” (threseconds dv 10’), winner of the MomFilmFest 2004 and shown in Paris for the contemporary arts events Jeune Creation e Le Divan du Monde dans La Nuit Blanche.


He is now working on “99 Amaranto” documentary film based on the book “Tenetevi il miliardo”, written by Carlo Pallavicino and edited by Baldini-Castoldi-Dalai.


All of the works have at least two common traits; on one hand, the collective experimentation with new techniques and processes of production, such as the use of light digital technology and the fusion of the traditional technical roles (filming, directing, editing), on the other, a firm choice with regards to globalization and social themes.