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99 amaranto - Watch the trailer


Exclusive: view the trailer of 99 Amaranto, the documentary about Cristiano Lucarelli and Livorno.

99 Amaranto - The movie


Twenty years later. Cristiano Lucarelli was one of those Shangai children. And now he is a well-paid “serie A” football player. He chooses to refuse a millionaire contract with a big team to finally come back and play for Livorno, in that football ground located just a few miles away from his old neighbourhood. [read more]

99 Amaranto - A documentary about Cristiano Lucarelli


A production by L'Occhio e La Luna. "99 Amaranto" is a documentary film based on the book "Tenetevi il miliardo", written by Carlo Pallavicino. [read more]


"The History of Football is like a sad journey from pleasure to duty. The more the sport became an industry, the more it lost its beauty: playing simply to play the game. Luckily, and rarely, there is some dirty-faced , cheeky boy, who strikes a discordant note, playing for the pleasure of kicking the ball into the net, and runs and rushes into the forbidden adventure of freedom."

una produzione L'Occhio e La Luna

The Movie Soundtrack

La colonna sonora


99 AMARANTO will feature an enticing sountrtack, a collection of music by varoius artists some of which wrote songs insipired by Cristiano Lucarelli himself, others share the same peculiar outlook on football.


Some artists: Modena City Ramblers, Los Fastidios, Cisco, Cayo Rosso, La Casa del vento, Malasuerte, Bandabardò, Yoyo Mundi (and many more to come).


The definitive list and some previews will be published on this page as soon as possible.