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99 amaranto - Watch the trailer


Exclusive: view the trailer of 99 Amaranto, the documentary about Cristiano Lucarelli and Livorno.

99 Amaranto - The movie


Twenty years later. Cristiano Lucarelli was one of those Shangai children. And now he is a well-paid “serie A” football player. He chooses to refuse a millionaire contract with a big team to finally come back and play for Livorno, in that football ground located just a few miles away from his old neighbourhood. [read more]

99 Amaranto - A documentary about Cristiano Lucarelli


A production by L'Occhio e La Luna. "99 Amaranto" is a documentary film based on the book "Tenetevi il miliardo", written by Carlo Pallavicino. [read more]


"The History of Football is like a sad journey from pleasure to duty. The more the sport became an industry, the more it lost its beauty: playing simply to play the game. Luckily, and rarely, there is some dirty-faced , cheeky boy, who strikes a discordant note, playing for the pleasure of kicking the ball into the net, and runs and rushes into the forbidden adventure of freedom."

una produzione L'Occhio e La Luna

99 Amaranto - The Trailer

uscita: 22 marzo 2007


cooming soon: march 2007

director: Federico Micali
montaggio: Yuri Parrettini



"Some football players pay a billion for a Ferrari or a Yacht, with that money I bought myself Livorno’s shirt. That’s all."



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